Sunday, March 15, 2009


-Apologize to all term that all blogger need to understand..i've decided to change my blog to english so that all kind of viewers will understand it,but for Malaysian as well can reply to me in bahasa..(Malaysian language) i think this are convinient to us all..although i just want to know the feedback from outsider as well.Thank you to all citizen of blogger!!welcome aboard to local and international!!Even though its not a appropriate english...heh!! (PANDAN)


oRen said...

(untuk info movie tempoh hari)

ni haa dan.. --> layar

sorry aku tak reti nak post kat shootbox tu.. kompius sket

~Cinta Cukulet~ said...

nasib baik saya pernah belajar english masa darjah satu dulu..hehe..apapun semoga maju jaya utk encik pandan :)

pandan said...

haahhahaha...english gua pun tahap puaka teruknya..janji mencuba dan orang paham kira dah cukup baik la tu...gua pun f9 je english...hehe!

ktb said...

wah..looks like u are going to internatinalism..keep it up..maybe some day Mr Presiden will drop to your blog..

Landscapeideas Team said...

smart betul drawings bro..xpe,janji kite cube improve english..kurang2 1 dunia ble kenal bro pandan...good effort!

pandan said...

allo ktb!!speaking london too huh!!hahahahah!!im trying to penetrated global market and trying to get feedback as welll..hopely to get a bigger network!!

pandan said...

hi landscapeideas!! least kita cuba cari kengkawan kat sana pulak..thanks!!

mel said...

huhu..i just drop by to this blog..agk t'kujat gak r mle2..mcm masuk blog ble tgk ad a very cute little gurl pic, br sy tau manusia pny blog penye..haha
en pandan, do u like heavy metal music? i once read an article, if we alwz listen to hard rock music then our soul will become like dat also..the art was beauty but scary.hohoho..pe2 pn im alwz support local product!! go malaysia!! great malaysian!!go..go.chaiyok!!huhu

pandan said...

thanxs 4 dropping by..rockers pun ada perasaan beb!!hahahah...yup!!rock or metal music is not about a guitar anymore..its in your soul!!its depend how u generated it!!pasal tu la jadik camni....thanxs again 4 supporting!!

hayneemohamad said...

da lamer x bace majalah apo...huhuhu


This my earlier artwork for apo magazine..

Sequel the good and evil collide..


One smoke free one cancer instead...


Another approval project for client..logo for night market in local area in Malaysia.