Monday, April 27, 2009


-Recently this artwork are for APO? magazine.Maybe i am quite obsessed to created a monster design.To tell the truth i like to draw this kind of things.Antagonist concept actually my favorite thing to make.Villain,monster,ghoul,vicious,gothic,gore..all can combined to this particular aspect to made it challenging.Maybe im appealing to bizarre or deviant tastes,but we have no heroes if no villain in it.Its not mean i am a bad guy though..but too show how's fun it is to make cartoon characters visualized in my own style.Combination from a toad and lizard,a bit classical with barbarian style but i'll try to make it look cheeky in other way.And this is what i coming with..(PANDAN)

Friday, April 24, 2009


-The album has finally released..after dealing with the label with all the changing ideas..i try to contribute a album concept and design but its not the way it seems to be..the whole process turn out like this but maybe they want the design to be genuine as a glam rock in the 80's.Anyway client have the right to change anything..right? But in other ways,i just contribute a part of me in it..80's rock still rules!!By the way for the 80's Malaysian Rock dude should listen to it!!All the local Rock band such as May,Sofea,Search,Bumiputra Rockers,Terra Rossa and many more..A compilation from all the rockers begin in 80's are in this album.heh!Out now from Life Records.Support our local scene..although im just a designer artist..(PANDAN)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It's time to discover how fun and funny drawing is! Drawing is a way of creating and expressing ourselves and therefore the result is always unexpected.If you’re relatively new to the art world you’ve undoubtedly come against some obstacles while teaching yourself how to draw. Learning how to draw is a challenging and daunting task.
People are often surprised to find out just how good they are when they are given the right material and can study at their own pace at a time that is convenient to them.How to harness their creative spirit.Observe them carefully, then grab a pencil and paper and do your best to recreate each sketch.
This is a new one from me..nothing much but i just realized that a lots to learn and to improved.A bit busy but do what you got to do..still running out of time to make something quality.its not a reason..but if you want a good times,buy a new watch!!huh!jokes of lame...(PANDAN)


This my earlier artwork for apo magazine..

Sequel the good and evil collide..


One smoke free one cancer instead...


Another approval project for client..logo for night market in local area in Malaysia.