Monday, April 27, 2009


-Recently this artwork are for APO? magazine.Maybe i am quite obsessed to created a monster design.To tell the truth i like to draw this kind of things.Antagonist concept actually my favorite thing to make.Villain,monster,ghoul,vicious,gothic,gore..all can combined to this particular aspect to made it challenging.Maybe im appealing to bizarre or deviant tastes,but we have no heroes if no villain in it.Its not mean i am a bad guy though..but too show how's fun it is to make cartoon characters visualized in my own style.Combination from a toad and lizard,a bit classical with barbarian style but i'll try to make it look cheeky in other way.And this is what i coming with..(PANDAN)


Vinay Rai said...

A real life art work. The monster looks like he is alive and can strike at any moment, it looks like he is very angry on someone.

pandan said...

thanks vinay for visiting my blog!Maybe this are friendly monster but have quite a bit rude attitude in it!!by the way i already visited yours!keep in touch!!

cerpelai said...

Sejak dari majalah lain dulu gua tengok stroke bro cukup lain dengan cara biasa.. Ada influence Todd McFarlane dengan Mike Mignola kat dalamnya..

Itu pasal laa gua follow bro sejak bro belum masuk APO? lagi..

pandan said...

hahahah...tu antara nama besar yang gua jadikan influence tu..banyak lagi hero2 komik yang gua minat sangat2.Frank Miller,Joe Madureira,Alex Ross,Jason Pearson,Carlos Meglia,Simon Bizley,Jaffar Taib dan jugak Dato Lat.kalau nak capai tahap diorang ni...mmg tak tercapai..power sesangat!Gua buat la mana takat yang mampu..tu pasal gua rasa picisan sangat.heheheeh...

Ralph Ivy said...

A monster, yes. But looks like one that could be talked to, even calmed down a little. I might say, "Hey, guy, looks like you been having a tough day." The monster might reply with a growl, but if I continued on, "Yeah, guy, makes me wanna growl too. Know where you coming from." I might offer the monster a cigarette, and the next thing I know, we could be sitting having a beer, and he'd be telling about his childhood, and how tough it was being singled out...and so forth. Both of us might wind up having a good day. (smile)

pandan said...

Thanks Ralph Ivy..really appreciated that!!One of a scenery to calm the monster..maybe seem like a big monster with tiny little good heart.Monster do have weakness instead.And most of all you have the gift to treat them the right way..which is not its suppose to be...hail to King Ralph!The King has vanquish the monster!!:)

Putri Norfadillah. said...

keep up the good work! nnt mst org x miss beli apo ! hehe !

pandan said...

thanks!!beli jgn tak beli..promote kat member la sekali!!heheeh


Your site and artwork are amazing!! Thank you so much for your support on my blog also!!

pandan said...

thanks Pinkmonkey..its an honored for me.just want to share the art with everybody...keep in touch!

Norhaidatul Azian Tajul Ariffin said...


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pandan said...

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Maya said...

Inspired me!

pandan said...

hi there Maya! I accidentally found your web in my friends blog..but impressive to see your hard work and passion in review film industries..two thumbs up!!Very useful blog for guys like me though.. :)


This my earlier artwork for apo magazine..

Sequel the good and evil collide..


One smoke free one cancer instead...


Another approval project for client..logo for night market in local area in Malaysia.