Monday, May 25, 2009


-A bit dizzy and tired this week..a less oxygen in my lung..all project coming in and out..seem can get through anymore...that's a fact if you in this line of carrier.Full of dateline,spend a whole times in it,times keep running towards you and you have no where to hide.I just want my life back..a passion to art with timeless access.In that way I will contribute whole package in it..but then i realize that the real world i'm in is you have to finish your work with the limited times.(Deeply inhaled..)Emm...this is a new one that i coming with..when something overload and you can't barred it..your other side are going to make it through in other ways to get out..maybe this is how i represent to the work though..overload and explode!! :) (PANDAN)


Fly said...

gua paham sangat2 bro bila keje dgn date line ni, sebab gua ada sikit pengalaman keje ngan dateline ni, tu pun sebelum jadi cikgu. tido kat studio selama seminggu semata2 nak kejar dateline. Keje ngan publisher pastu nak kejar tender buku teks..peh menduga fizikal dan sanubari gua masa tu. Tapi bila dah berjaya siapkan satu perasaan puas dan gua balik mandi dengan sempurna.

Anyway Gua sentiasa menyokong dan berdoa ,kerjaya2 orang2 seni seperti lu ni bro agar senantiasa berada di tahap kejayaan...

pandan said...

Mekasih Fly!!Lu pun paham camanakan..kadang2 rasa cam tak cukup tangan tu bro nak buat semua..tu pasal la gua nak terjebak kat mende lain pulak..buleh gak gua lupakan bebanan sekejap...hehe!
Tu pasal gua amik skop photography pulak..nak cuba ubah angin skit..hehehh!

roentarre said...

I simply love this image and I wonder if any of the images in this gallery are for sale...


pandan said...

Hi Roentarre!!To tell the your biggest fan!!Actually now i am learning a photography base on all your work.It just influence me to do different then drawing.Hope to be your student in photography though.. :)
About the question..yup!!Its for sale if the right price for it.But i like to do a job base on the client need..that's a bit challenging than to do in my perspective!!
Thanks for visiting..its and honor for me though!!

Azkhieme said...

gambar photo bdk kecil tu lawa habis..!! yang kat tepi tu.. angle smua mmg best...
brader pandan mmg terer..

ada bca komik kimi..?? kat blog tu..
bri la sedikit kata2,, hehe

pandan said...

hehe!!ok!no hal!!jap ni gua pegi jengah!! :)


This my earlier artwork for apo magazine..

Sequel the good and evil collide..


One smoke free one cancer instead...


Another approval project for client..logo for night market in local area in Malaysia.